The Clinic of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology accepts cash, Visa, Master Card
and American Express . If you plan paying in cash you will be paying in Czech Crowns
or Euros.  
All the prices are effective from January 1st 2011. The   conversion  rate
 as  of   1.17.2011    is 1 Euro =$1.3 USD and $1 = 18.3 Czech Crown (CZK).
These prices are effective for clients of IVfvacation only. The price in
Euros or CZK doesn't change, the price in USD depends on the current
exchange rate for exact day to day currency exchange go to
IVF Cycle Cost
IVF Donor Cycle Cost
Choose your treatment option, for IVF own stimulation click IVF Cycle Cost, for
donor cycle treatment choose
IVF Donor Cycle Cost. If you do not know which
option would work for you the best, contact us and our IVF specialist will advise you  
based on your history and tests on what treatment option would work best for you.