Marcela and I met in June  of  2002. Chance  brought  us  together. Marcela is  from  the Czech Republic. She  studied  marketing  at  the
University of Zlin.  I was a divorced  single  dad  from Ohio,  working  as  a  manager  in   family- owned business.
After chatting  online  for  several  months,  we  decided  we  wanted to meet each other.  We knew  there was a connection but we needed
to see how we got  along in everyday life.
Upon  her  arrival  to  The  United  States,  we  were  pleased to  find  we  had  an  even  better  connection  in  person  than  we  had online.  
Nine months later we were married.
We  were   ready  to   start  a    family  together,   but    unfortunately,  after my  previous  marriage,  I  had  a  vasectomy.  As a result, I had
a  reversal  performed  in  February  of  2004.  Now  we   were  really  ready to  start  our  family.  After  several  months  of  us not  getting   
pregnant,  I had tests run and found out I had a low sperm count.
This brings us  to the part of  the  story  on  the  Home page.  As  the  saying goes, we're not only  presidents of  the company, we  are  also  
clients. While  we were  in Czech  in June 2005  we went to a fertility  clinic to have artificial  insemination. The  doctor  told  us we  would  
have a  much  better  chance with IVF;  but  since we  didn't plan it in  advance,  we didn't  have the time necessary. Because my count  was  
so low, the doctor gave us only a 5 - 10% chance of getting pregnant. We decided to try it  anyway, without success.

We plan on doing trips for our clients, where we will be picking you up  at  the  airport  and  taking  you  to   your  appointments  or   our
associate will be assisting you with these tasks.
We took our first  successful trip  in January - February  2006 and  we are more than happy to  announce that
we are  pregnant with  
twins. We were very happy with the whole experience at the clinic and the care of the doctors.  Since this was our first try, they explained
us exactly how to apply the drugs and all the procedure we went through.  
Ultrasound of  the twins in 17 weeks of
About Us
Click here to see more pictures of our twins.
We are so happy that our IVF worked and we are a success story. It has been an amazing experience. We felt perfectly  taken
care of during the IVF treatment, the fertility drugs were quality drugs used in US (I used Gonal-f Pen). I didn't experience any
mood swings or changes. I am terribly afraid of needles but when my husband applied the first needle I had to ask him if it is in
and he said yes and although I can't stand looking at a needle I was really pleasantly surprised. I had appointment every three
days and every ultrasound was more promising. The doctor made a perfect stimulation protocol where I took 125 units of Gonal
and never increased the dose. I produced 25 eggs and we transferred 2 embryos on day three and have  some cryopreserved
on day one and on day three.
A week after the embryo transfer Craig had to leave back to US and I stayed because we had clients arriving for their IVF
vacation. I had a blood test  done and an ultrasound  on day 12 after the embryo transfer. I was so afraid that it didn't work. I
didn't feel any different so I thought for sure that we will have to do a second round.  I understand and tell our clients that the IVF
is the easy part, the 14 days wait is the hard part! The doctors don't recommend to take a home pregnancy test because it can
show you a false positive and you can be setting up yourself for a big disappointment. That is why I didn't take one. When my
doctor told me  and his exact words were: "Congratulations Mrs. Fite you are pregnant!" I almost jumped around his neck. Instead
I asked him if he is sure and then started to jump for joy. The doctor said to come next week to check my levels again because he
said they were a  little low and it looks like I might have just one.  I called my husband immediately and he was thrilled. We were
thankful for at least one! So very very thankful. The next week's ultrasound showed us two emrbyonic sacks and the thrill was
doubled! We were having twins!
I stayed  for over a month and had an ultrasound and blood test done every week.  I was taking a progesterone suppositories
Crinone gel and I felt great. I went back to US with the "little ones" in my belly at the end of February 2006.
June 2008- It's been over 3 years since we have put the site up and it has been a  
dream come true. We are very proud to have been able to help 42 babies into this
world with at least 48 more due.

Because of the high demand, we have changed the experience of IVFVacation from
trips once a year to availability all year round. Now you can plan your IVFvacation
according to your schedule. We coordinate the dates and times of your arrival to fit
your needs. Some couples want to travel with their children to have IVF cycle and
we can accommodate the transportation as well as the hotel stay even for the little
ones in cribs.   

You can read about our 2007 trip in
Our IVF Vacation 2007. After getting to know so
many of our clients online, it is so much fun  to actually get to meet them in person.
It is also a good time to tweak and improve our service. We know the most important
part of our service is that you get great quality care in a state of the art facility, but,
we also want to make sure that you have a great time in a stress free environment.
We went to our next IVFVacation trip in April - May 2009 and it was great to meet  
the clients who were there at the time and spend time, have lunch a help, answer
questions and take day trips.

We are happy to help you with any need or question you may have. Feel free to
contact us for any  information about medical, scheduling, logistics or tips for your
upcoming IVFVacation trip.

We feel privileged  to assist you in your quest to become parents.