Dear Marcela and Craig,

We want to thank you for making our dreams come true.  Our little bundle of joy was delivered March 15, 2008. Our healthy baby boy weighed 11 lbs!
We want to share our story to others considering the IVF Vacation option.

I am a physician living in California .  My husband is with low sperm count and I am with unexplained infertility at 35 years old.  We have one child who
is 8 years old, conceived without intervention but took 2 years to conceive.  When attempting to conceive a second child we underwent 6 IUI¢s and 4
IVF treatments several years ago.  We spent $65,000 on these fertility treatments.  I was not at all impressed by the bedside manners of the fertility
physicians.  I suppose I expected better service than then my HMO given I was paying cash for their services. On the contrary,  the staff and
physicians were not personable at all and I felt like a lab rat with a number instead of a human with a name.  They were even difficult to reach when I
was with complications after a procedure.  
This Testimonial speaks louder than thousand words. Paula sent a
picture of her 9 month old son Jackson and wrote us: just wanted to
drop you a line and let you know how our precious gift is doing.  
Jackson will be 9 months on the 25th of this month. (February 2009) I
can't believe we are heading into his 1 year b-day already.  I try not to
blink.  Every time I hug and kiss him I thank God for bringing him into
our life.  You both are the link and we are forever grateful.  He is
healthy, adorable, loud, loves the water and Mickey Mouse.
It's been a long time since I've written to you.  I hope all is well with you and your family.  I just wanted to thank you for all your help with arranging
our trip to Zlin and I've attached pictures of the results of that trip .  Zoie Angelique was born on 02/03/09 and she was 19 inches long and 7lbs
3oz.  She is truly a gift from God and I'm happy to say she is doing well as you will see in the pictures I've attached (please feel free to post these
on your website and don't forget we went to Zlin May 2008 and we transferred 4 embryos).  In the pink outfit she is 2 weeks old and just 2 weeks
later she put on 2lbs and is now weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 6oz at just a month old.

I'm working on my testimonial, but I'm really bad a these things for give me some time .  Also, can you please forward this to Anna at the Penzion
Uno and let her know that the second time was the charm and we really enjoyed our stay there it felt like a home away from home.

Big hugs, Mish
Our clients were kind enough to give us their testimonial. You can read here about personal experience of various
clients. Some of them are success stories, some aren't and would like to try in the future again.  We are so thankful
to our clients for taking the time to write their story for the rest of us to read. Thank you for kind words and for the
advice and your tips for the trip.
We had to put them on to separate pages so if you clink on
the rest of our testimonials you can read all of them
ever since we started to do IVFvacations.

As of January 2011, 350 clients used our service or are in the process of setting their IVFvacation trip.  Our success
rate is 60%  for couples using donor eggs and 50% IVF patients.

You can talk and read personal experiences on
www.ivfconnections.com (search under Bulletin boards, IVF, By
location, Eastern Europe, IVFvacation.com) There are several threads for women who are going, who went or
already had babies with our help.

Brian and Kathy, one of our couples were on The Morning show with Mike and Juliet on FOX on the 12th July 2007.
Jennifer and Rupert are happy to talk to you on the phone,  if you send them an email they will be happy to call you.
You can contact Anne and Juede by email  posted on their testimonial. Please remember that these clients don't
work for us and they are happy to answer your emails.
Wayne and Amalia would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Rose and John and Paulette and Craig
would be happy to answer any of your questions as well. They asked us to forward them any email with questions
for them.
Nikki who went through a donor cycle and had a little girl would be happy to share her story and talk to you over
the phone.
If you would like to see more referrals you can read an article about us on MSNBC.com.
One of our clients was interviewed by Ms. Susan Wilson and you can read her story on
We started trying to get pregnant in January of 2004, a few months after our
wedding.  After having no success we found ourselves in the office of a fertility
clinic being told that our best bet was to attempt IVF because we had sperm
issues as well as female unexplained infertility .  

After one cancelled and one failed IVF cycle, we decided there had to be
another, more natural way to go.  We went to weekly acupuncture
appointments, radically changed our diets and took lots of supplements.  I
finally got pregnant, twice, but miscarried both times.

Finally, we decided our best shot at a baby was to do IVF with egg donor.  I
had begun the lengthy and very expensive process of finding a donor through
local agencies and arranging the medical side of things with an IVF clinic.  Just
then a pregnant friend I had met through my infertility support group told me
all about her discovery of IVF Vacations and her successful IVF cycle in the
Czech Republic.  She had a very positive experience and, though I had not
considered going abroad, I decided to look into it.
Michelle's dream came true
Susan & Steve's Story
April 2010

“My wife and I tried to have children for 6 years without success.  We had gone to two different fertility doctors in the US , completed 12 IUI cycles, and
5 IVF cycles with no success.  We had become tired and frustrated with the whole process.  We began to weigh our options.  The doctors could not
give us a definitive reason why were unable to conceive children on our own; we contemplated another round of IVF.  After everything we had already
spent, the thought of handing out another $20-25,000 for the same ol’ procedure was disappointing.  As we did some research on our own we came
across the Ivfvacation website.  We were amazed at the difference in price.  To make a long story short, we signed on with Ivfvacation and never
looked back.  We made the IVF trip into a wonderful fun-filled vacation.  We visited Germany , Austria and of course Czech.   And the cost for the
entire 3 week experience was still less than what we would’ve spent in the US for one cycle.  Worst case scenario, we had an expensive vacation.

Neither one of us had ever been to Europe , nor did we really know what to expect, but we were ready for an adventure.  Europe was interesting and
beautiful, the people in Czech Republic were very friendly and welcoming, especially the people involved with Ivfvaction.  Jana, our contact in Zlin who
picked us up and took us to the appointments was very nice, helpful, dependable, and respectful.  Hanna, the woman that runs the Pension Uno is an
absolute sweetheart.  (Pension Uno is a great accommodation).  Tony who picked us up from the train station and dropped us off in Prague was
dependable and right on time.

We were very impressed with the Clinic, the doctor, embryologist, and the whole IVF procedure.  The doctor spent a lot of time with us discussing our
history and plan for the transfer, etc.  He had clearly read through our records and info sent to him ahead of time (which we sometimes wondered
about in our US clinics when they were rushed and reading about us as we walked in the door). He had recommendations of things to do differently
than we had done with our US doctors (such as taking/not taking certain meds and the reasoning behind it- very practical.  The actual embryo transfer
was the smoothest transfer my wife had experienced (she had some pretty difficult and painful ones in the past).  It was quick, professional and very
effective.  The clinic allowed much more time in a very comfortable “resting” room after the procedure to allow things to “settle”.    Having been
through IVF procedures before, we were very familiar with the process and were able to anticipate what to expect.  The overall process in Czech is
similar to the US ; however, we could see how it would be a bit stressful for individuals that had never been through such a process given the
medications, timing, etc. of the whole cycle.
We are now 19 weeks pregnant with a healthy boy and girl!
We continue to hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy.  We would strongly recommend ivfvaction to our family and friends if they were in a similar
situation.  Who knows how our world will change with children, but we would consider going back to Czech and going through the process again.

Overall, our experience was incredible…much more memorable than the “rushed trips during the work day” to our fertility clinics in the US .  Six years
ago when we first decided to seek the help of a fertility specialist, the thought of going to a clinic to have a child really seemed unromantic, cold,
boring, calculated, and unnatural.  This experience was different, much different.  There was nothing unromantic, cold, boring or even calculated
about it, it was an experience/adventure of a lifetime that is turning into the greatest gift of our lives.  How cool is that?

We are so thankful that we found your site Marcela.  Thank you for all your help.  “
This is testimonial from a client who wanted to stay anonymous as they are not telling their family about undergoing donor cycle:
My story may a be a bit different but different is good:)

My husband and I met in our mid-forties and had no children and went about trying to adopt Internationally this took us three years. It was a long
and fruitless experience that cost us finacialy and emotionally. I did not know what to do next...I did not want to give up trying to be a Mother. I also
felt that I most probably had 'missed the boat'.....I knew that to try plain IVF would be probably not a good idea considering my age and one night
while researching Donor egg IVF I came across a support group that talked of a clinic in Zlin, Czech Republic. I was ecstatic to find that it was
affordable and really sounded like a lot of fun....imagine a trip to Europe and possibly returning pregnant. Amazing!!! Well after looking into it more
and contacting the Fites it wasn't long till we were on our way! We had a wonderful time but unfortunately our first try was not successful...knowing
that the average success rate took at least two tries...I headed off again and this time it WORKED!!! As I type this my twin baby girls are asleep in
their cribs upstairs and my life long dream has finally come true!! Thank you Marcela and Craig!! I must add that I am 51 years old and urge on
other women in saying "It is never too late to give up on your dream!!"
January 2011
Every time I look at my daughter I just can't believe how lucky we are to have her, and how thankful I am to the woman who shared her eggs with us.  
My baby is such a wonderful blessing, I love her so so much.  Thank you for all of your help getting us to where we are, it was a long road but oh so
worth the ups and downs.  I really believe everything happens for a reason and it finally worked for us, giving us our angel.