In the News
As of February  2009, 220 clients used our service or are in the process of
setting their IVFvacation trip.  Our success rate is 65%  for couples using
donor eggs and 50% IVF patients.

Spring 2006 - our first famous moment! We were interviewed by the
Conceive Magazine and published. The article has mentioned IVFvacation
as a cheaper option for couples seeking fertility treatment.Read the entire
June 13th 2007 - U.S. Women crossing globe for fertility help article
about us on
One of our clients was interviewed by Ms. Susan Wilson and you can read
her story on
July 12th 2007 - Our first TV show!  Brian and Kathy, one of our couples was on The Morning Show
with Mike and Juliet
on FOX on the 12th July 2007 and you can watch the show HERE.

September 28th 2007 - Andrea Canning from Good Morning America on ABC featured Marcela and
Craig in their program. Check the printed version of the morning news.

November 16th 2007 - 'Baby Vacation' that's what was a story about us and our clients called by FOX
. You can watch two couples Tara and Willie and Corrie and Dean, who has been in Zlin and talk
about their experience with IVFVacation.;jsessionid=F3

February 2008 - Consumer's Digest featured an article about IVFvacation named 'Oh, Baby!' New
hope for infertile couples
by Linda Wasmer Andrews.

February 19th 2008 - Ms.  Heather Won Tesoriero wrote an article about us and two of our couples -
Jennifer and Rupert Rosendale and Robyn and Steve Bova - for
The Wall Street Journal.  You can read
the article here:

February 19th 2008 - Craig on live KGO with Greg and Rosie, San Francisco radio station.  

April 16th 2008 - interviewed Jennifer and Rupert, one of our couples and you can
read the interview
I took and IVFvacation