Day Trips
Day Trips
When we go on our annual trips to the Czech Republic, we love to visit various  places  and  
learn  the  history of Czech republic and Europe. The wars (World War I and II) didn't damage
the main tourist attractions in big cities like Prague and Vienna or numerous castles and
chateaus.  You can enjoy beautiful architecture,  literally travel back in time,  and explore the
treasures Europe has to offer.  
Within  your 21  day  visit,  you  will  have  plenty  of  time  to   see  exactly   what  you  want  
and  leave  with wonderful  experiences. We  will  organize  two  day  trips, one  to Prague,  the  
capital  of  Czech Republic,  and  the other to Vienna, the capital  of  Austria. The beauty of
these two cities is that everything  is within  walking distance. There is lots to see...and to
taste. Some couples had even time to go see Budapest, Krakow, Venice. Feel free to ask us
about directions, train schedules and tips from our past clients. All of these locations are
within several hours away and everybody had such a wonderful time on their trips.
Prague, also called "the  mother of  all  cities", is a
very easy city to get  to  know  and  enjoy.  It has 1.2  
million  inhabitants.  Six  hundred  years of  
architecture  remain virtually  untouched  by natural   
 disaster    or    war.    Few    other    cities anywhere in
Europe look as good.  Almost  three million tourists  
visit Prague every year.
Straddling  the  winding  River  Vltava,  with  a steep
wooded  hill  to  one  side,  the  city  retains much of
its medieval layout. The  street  facades remain  
smothered  in  a rich mantle of Baroque, Rococo    
and     Art     Nouveau,    all     of    which successfully
escaped  the  vanities  and  excesses of postwar
You   will    enjoy   the    Charles    Bridge   with  
painters    and    musicians,   Old    Town   Square  with  
  the    Astronomical   Clock    and    moving  Apostles.
Vienna  is  the  capital  of  Austria,   and   also one   of   
Austria's   nine  federal   states.  With  a  population  
of  about  1.6 million, Vienna is  the largest   city   and  
 the   cultural    and   political  centre  of  Austria.   
Situated  on  both   sides  of the   river   Danube,  
Vienna   is   40  kilometres  (25 miles) from the
Austrian-Slovakian border, and    50   km   (31.3  mi)   
from   the    Slovakian capital, Bratislava. It is  one of  
the  best-known cities in Europe and  has  a  
prominent  place  in the  history of  Western  
civilization  and  world culture and history.
You  can   explore  Vienna  on  your   own  or stay
with us and check the most interesting and important
historical and architectural teasures this city has to